Sayedna al Hussein



Al Hussein Mosque

is a very old Mosque

(Built in 1154)






Al Hussain Mosque (Variant Names Sayyidna Al-Hussayn Mosque, Husayn/Hussein/al-Hussein/Sayyiduna al-Husayn Mosque) is a very old Mosque (Built: 1154) of Cairo, Egypt near the famous Khan El-Khalili bazaar. The mosque, considered to be one of the holiest Islamic sites in Cairo, was build on the cemetery of the Fatimid caliphs, a fact that was later discovered during the excavation. The mausoleum (dating back to 1154) is the oldest part of the complex.

The Mosque of Sayyidna al-Husayn (our lord Husayn) exemplifies Islamic revivalism popular in the khedival period .

The Mosque houses some of very sacred items like the oldest believed complete manuscript of the Holly Quran.

Three mechanically operated, square shaped umbrellas set in a row in front of the Sayidna Hussein Mosque, once open, cover a total area of 750 square metres. The height of the umbrellas is 12 metres, and they provide shade for worshippers who gather to pray outside in front of the mosque on the plaza. The steel structure is galvanised and coated, and the membrane is made of Teflon. The membrane is partially ornamented with sewn-on coloured textile bands.

Al-Husayn was the son of 'Ali, the Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law and the fourth and last of the  caliphs. After his father was assassinated, Husayn was urged to claim the caliphate, but he was killed at the Battle of Karbala in Iraq in 680, an event commemorated by Shiites with yearly rites of flagellation. A head believed to be Husayn's was brought to Cairo in 1153 and a shrine was built for it on the site of the mosque. All that remains of the Fatimid structure (and even this is doubtful) is the lower part of the gateway at the south corner of the present mosque -- the Bab al-Akhdar. A minaret with wonderfully carved arabesque panels in stucco, added by the Ayyubids in 1237, rises above the remains of the Fatimid gateway; the additional Turkish-style minarets are part of Khedive Ismai'l's mosque. Al-Husayn's wooden cenotaph, a magnificent specimen of twelfth-century wood carving, is on display in the Museum of Islamic Art.


Variant Names :       Sayyidna Al-Hussayn Mosque

Location :                  Cairo, Egypt
Address :                   near the famous Khan El-Khalili


Style/Period :           Fatimid

Date :                         
1154 and 1873
:                12th, 19th      

Building Type :        religious
Building Usage :      mosque



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