El Nebi Danie Mosque

The Mosque is a feature of Alexandria




The mosque Attributed to one of Al_arfeen Bialla, Sheikh Mohammed Daniel Musli .



Who is the El Nebi Daniel ???

Sheikh Mohammed Daniel Musli who is one of Sheikh El_Shaafa'is, And had been submitted to the city of Alexandria at the end of the eighth century AH Taken from the city of Alexandria, a place to teach the fundamentals of Islam and informed approach to the obligation Shaafa'is, Remained in Alexandria until his death in 810 H, and to bury in the mosque And his tomb became a place of pilgrimage for people .


The El Nebi Daniel mosque located in the street which it known as his name " El Nebi Daniel street ".


Architectural planning of a mosque :-

Mohammed Ali Pasha had the renewal and expansion of the Whole Year 1238 H  / 1822 Or the twelfth century / the seventeenth century AH.


The mosque consists of the area of rectangular  to led by an open sahn and  it have one main interface is the interface of South West, it is the main entrance of the mosque where the entrance to the house of prayer which it is divided into two parts, The first section, allotted for the prayer of the men - and the second part, allotted for the prayer of  the women .


This area of rectangular divided into eight halls through the seven pillars of marble and there is in the south-eastern side bend the mihrab, and open the north-eastern wall of the rectangular hole leading to the shrine . In the middle of the floor of the shrine, wooden structure, One containing the tomb of Sheikh Mohammed Daniel Musli " Or, as is the belief of El Nebi Daniel", And the other includes the tomb of  Lokman Hakim


Variant Names :       El Nebi Danie Mosque
Location            :      
Alexandria, Egypt
Style/Period    :        Mohammed Ali Pasha                             
Century             :        
1238 H  / 1822

                                    Or the twelfth century

                                     the seventeenth century AH
Building Type  :       religious
Building Usage:       mosque  


Note :-

There is two mosques of  el_Nabi Daniel, One of them in Iraq, And the another in Lebanon                   




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