Kerdasa, Egypt

Kerdasa which is famed for its embroidered cotton and silk dresses (galabeyas) as well as other hand-made products.


Handmade manufacture, Kerdasa

In the village of Kerdasa woven carpets in native traditional patterns are made and offered for sale .

When it comes to fashion for Arabic and Muslim women, it doesn't get any better than the Egyptian Galabeya from kerdasa. Kerdasa Embroidered dresses are not only Elegant and Classy, but it also meets the criteria of the Islamic code of dressing without looking dreary.

kerdasa which is a small town from the pyramids. I had gone 3 1/2 years ago and it took forever to get out there. the roads were bad and we had to go thru the city. now with the new ring road and some other new easy access roads, we werethere in 20 minutes. alhumdulillah. we went to buy some gifts for family and friends and some things for the bazaar. we took with us an aunt who is great at bargaining and knowing the value of things. she's awesome. and my mil is learning how to bargain and mash'Allah she's getting great at it, i was surprised by the other nite (will post that later). i bought a rug for our apartment and i love it :-) it's awesome and it was $17.50. you couldn't get this rug in the states for less than $50, i believe. wool and handmade of course. the guys who owned the shop does many exhibitions in the states for textiles and has some beautiful rugs hanging in his shop. there was this one of a scene in aswan, ooooooooohhhh mash'Allah. it was enormous and detailed, i had never seen anything like that in my life. so detail, better than a painting. itwas 20,000 L.E. or $3500 and it's worth it in my opinion. so beautiful. then in another shop i got some camels. i believe about 15 of them, as gifts and to sell at our bazaar in the spring. not real, duh.

wish we had more time there but we plan to go back again before i leave. the reason we go there is because the cost of things is much less and we cut out all the middle men. I like it.

where you can buy the traditional galabia and a belly dancers outfit at a reasonable price .

  General objective/s of the action  : Development and rehabilitation of the    site by improving infrastructure of the     residential and commercial area through crafts.                                                              

Location:                                            Northwest of Giza

Situation:                                           Urban growth area

Financing:                                         Giza Municipality



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